For over 20 years, Lockwood Cranes has provided a seamless, end-to-end lift and transport solution for commercial, industrial, project and private sectors.

Capable of servicing a broad range of clients, big or small, Lockwoods can lift and shift just about anything, anywhere, anytime!

Crane Hire

Mobile Cranes

Simple Lifts

Technical Lifts

Machinery Relocation


Concrete and Steel Erection

All Rigging Services

Transport Services

Removal and Relocation

Lockwood’s lift it, move it and place it… A one stop removal and relocation solution.

Plant and Equipment

Office and Worksites

Mechanical, Farm Machinery and Oversized Equipment

Excavators and loaders

Structures, Frames and Building Materials


Mining Operations


Culverts and Pits

Huts, Buildings, Containers


Palm Trees and Trees

Fuel Cells

Construction and Development

Protect the safety and integrity of your construction project by engaging Lockwood’s.

Simple and Technical Lifts

Onsite or Mobile Lift and Transport Solutions

Lifting and placing of construction materials (steel or concrete)

Lifting and Placement of Fiberglass Swimming Pools (Private and Commercial)

Solar Array Lift and Place (Private and Commercial)

Riggers and Dogman

Lockwood’s qualified and highly experienced dogman work with the riggers to ensure correct use of equipment and load management, ensuring your lift is completed safely, minimizing risk to staff, infrastructure and load.

Rigger Hire

Dogman Hire

Inspection and Planning

Understanding the scale of a project and its unique requirements is essential. Lockwood’s can assist with an honest, educated assessment of project needs and requirements, mitigating risk, and ensuring your project runs smoothly.

Lift Planning

Onsite Assessment

Trade Collaboration

Hazard Identification


Speak to the team at Lockwood’s about your specific requirements on 0419 807 188 or email